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Preparation Guide on DVA-C01: AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam

Preparation Guide on DVA-C01: AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam

One of the prime stepping stones for any AWS expert or developer is to learn how to write and deploy cloud-based apps and implement cloud-based initiatives. Also, those IT professionals who wish to kick-start their career in AWS need to gain an in-depth understanding of core AWS services. 

Speaking of which, the DVA-C01: AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam covers all the nuances of AWS cloud architecture design, development, and deployment in detail. This blog talks about all the features of the DVA-C01 certification exam, why you should consider becoming an AWS certified developer associate, the learning outcomes, prerequisites, domains, exam materials, and so on. 

So let’s dive in!

AWS Certified Developer Associate certification overview

The AWS Certified Developer Associate exam, or the DVA-C01 certification, validates your expertise in leveraging AWS and basic AWS architecture best practices to develop, implement, and debug cloud-based applications. This certification helps you master the basic AWS skills to write and set up cloud-based apps and deploy cloud initiatives without any hassles. The DVA-C01 certification helps developers: 

Define core AWS services and AWS architecture best practices. 

Describe proficiency in using AWS to implement and debug cloud apps. 

Apart from this, you will also get the ability to: 

Demonstrate AWS services like application lifecycle management, AWS shared responsibility model, using containers in development, etc.

Identify primary features of AWS services.

Use AWS service APIs, SDKs and AWS CLIs to write an app.

Apply fundamental knowledge of cloud-native apps to write code.

Debug and handle code modules. from aws exma service